FRN-R-1 6/10

FRN-R-1 6/10 Fusetron

FUSETRON® fuses are on average 23% more energy efficient than the next leading brand. Class RK5 dual-element time-delay fuse 200kA Interrupting Rating.

  • Separate overload and short-circuit elements provide time delay for sizing as close as 125% of motor FLA.
  • 2:1 selective coordination amp ratio (within the Cooper Bussmann RK5 fuse family) prevents overcurrent events from opening upstream Fusetron fuses
  • Insulated end caps for 225A-600A fuses reduces exposure to live parts and extends air gap to distance between blades of adjacent mounted fuses or to housing.
  • Easy upgrade for one-time and renewable fuses installations. Because the Fusetron Class RK5 fuses fit any Class K5 or H fuse blocks and holders, you now have the opportunity to upgrade your circuit protection and save even more.
Part Number: FRN-R-1 6/10
: 250
Continous Amps: 1.6
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